Safety in the future - traceability

Traceability as a buzz word has recently been widely discussed - and is an absolute must for many of our customers.

Electronic assemblies often consist of hundreds of components.

Sometimes, all it takes is one defective part that can lead to malfunctioning or in extreme cases, even to the complete failure of the entire electronic system, which may have severe consequences, not only of a financial nature.


Product safety and product responsibility - in our industry are inextricably linked with traceability. The complete traceability of all installed components, as well as mapping of the entire production process must remain possible for many years.


Our traceability systems allows a complete backtracking and identification of manufactured products along the entire supply chain down to the individual component.


From the moment of receipt of goods, all data is gathered, by means of scanner technology, processed and stored in a data matrix code. By coupling the individual SMD lines with the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system (and merchandise management system) complete traceability is guaranteed. Even after many years all necessary information is available - quickly and reliably.